EU-PORTRAItS deliverables

       D1.1_Quality Control Manual *

       D2.1_EU-PORTRAItS_Form *

       D2.2_National Committees *

       D2.3_Stakeholders Network Action Plan *

       D2.4_Future Trends Affecting EU Port Labour

       D2.5_EU-PORTRAItS_Template *

       D3.1_National_Report_Greece *

       D3.2_National_Report_Germany *

       D3.3_National_Report_Spain *

       D3.4_National_Report_Italy *

       D3.5_National_Report_Finland *

       D3.6_National_Report_Lithuania *

       D3.7_National_Report_Cyprus *

       D3.8_Report on Extended Survey Findings *

       D3.9_Summary Workshops_Extended Survey Report

       D4.1_Report On Health And Safety Priorities

       D4.2_Port Processes Health & Safety

       D4.3_Health & Safety Training Needs

       D5.1_The EU-PORTRAItS_Website *

       D5.2_Dissemination_Plan *

       D5.3_EUPORTRAItS_Dissemination_activity *

       D5.4_CrossFertilization_Event *

       D5.5_Key messages derived from the final conference *

* Deliverables available under request. Please send an email indicating your contact details and the reference of the deliverable requested to:

  pvitzilaiou [ at ] certh [ dot ] gr 

EU-PORTRAItS Publications

 EU-PORTRAItS Leaflet   United Kindom    Spain    Germany     Lithuania     Finland     Greece

 EU-PORTRAItS Newsletter nº1

 EU-PORTRAItS Newsletter nº2

 EU-PORTRAItS Newsletter nº3

 EU-PORTRAItS Newsletter nº4

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 Ports 2030 Gateways for the Trans European Transport Network (EC, 2013)

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