Intermodal Logistics Training Consortium

CFLI marchio 01 rgb mCFLI is a consortium which manages training activities in the framework of logistic sector. It is owned 100% by Venice Port Authority. The consortium has been built in 1993 with the scope to provide the necessary training to operators and enterprises about logistic matters.

It performs training courses for all specific professional profiles required by the transport systems and hoc training sessions define on the needs of the clients.

CFLI offers also training services to unemployed people which are interested in the logistic sector offering to them coaching and orienting services to get into the labour market.

Thanks to a strong International network, CFLI has developed during the years a specific know how in the management of International projects focused on research and training activities.

In 2011, CFLI constituted the Logistic Academy in Venice in partnership with IUAV University and AILOG North East in order to offer training for high professional needs. The Academy promote also specific seminars for managers and employers.


Address   Contact
CFLI - Consorzio Formazione Logistica Intermodale   Name

Andrea Condotta

Zona portuale S. Marta, Fabb. 16   Position Project Manager
30123 Venezia   e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.








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