EU-PORTRAItS Final Conference in Brussels, 28/11/2016

foto 1The Final Conference of the Project took place in Brussels, Belgium, on 28th November, 2016. The event was organized by Project partner VTT – Technical Research Centre of Finland, with support from CERTH – Centre for Research and Technology Hellas. It was attended by Project partners and stakeholders’ representatives from 35 different organizations from Germany, Cyprus, Finland, Greece, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Romania and Spain.

The meeting started with a site visit to the OCHA training center for blue-collar port workers in the port of Antwerp. Participants had the opportunity to visit the training center premises and observe ongoing training activities. OCHA staff members served as tour guides for the group of participants and provided explanations on the delivery of training and the types of training offered at the center.

The purpose of the afternoon part of the event was to communicate the Project results to a wide audience and through the participation of a large number of representatives covering national, European and International target groups, to support consensus building on the next steps that need to be taken in accomplishing the objectives of a sustainable and efficient EU port system.

The Conference was structured in two main sessions:
The first session was devoted to trends and prospects in the port sector, an overview of the industry views through relevant research initiatives was presented by Ms. Konstantinopoulou, Head of Logistics and Transport, ERTICO. The Project findings on future trends were presented by Ms. Boile, EU-PORTRAItS Project Coordinator. Following their presentations, a constructive open discussion was held about how port industry trends may or may not influence job qualifications, skill requirements and associated training needs.

foto 2The second session focused on port worker training in Europe and future training needs. Industry views on this topic were presented by Mr. Feighan, Policy Advisor, FEPORT and Mr. Vankrunkelsven, Director, CEPA. The Project findings on port worker training in Europe and future training needs were presented by Mr. Theofanis, EU-PORTRAItS Project Expert. During the presentations, the Project results and material were discussed with the audience, analyzing the major trends in the port sector along with the future needs in training and skills requirements.

Closing remarks were made by representatives of the Commission, FEPORT, ESPO, IDC, and finally the Project coordinator on behalf of the consortium.

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