EU-PORTRAItS will address future trends in the ports industry, hazards and major challenges in port workers training needs

BP1080067EU-PORTRAItS completes its first semester with a project meeting held on 5th and 6th of June in Valencia.

Following the project's work plan, the meeting, which was organized by FEPORTS, was devoted to the tasks that are being carried out to shape the current ports labor supply profile, assess the existing Vocational Educational Training (VET), and identify future trends in maritime transport.

Among the issues discussed was the feedback provided by the EUROPEAN Social Dialogue Committee (SDC) in ports, during the meeting held on 20th of May 2014 with the EU-PORTRAItS project coordinator Dr. Maria Boile, from the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH), Hellenic Institute of Transport (HIT).

Issues related to future trends in the ports industry and hazards related to the port workers' profession are anticipated to introduce major challenges in terms of demanded worker profiles, skills and training needs, especially in container terminals. On this aspect, Professor Jens Froese from Jacobs University, Bremen, pointed out the strategic factors related to changes in the port industry, which may drive such new requirements.

Research on training frameworks at national level are being conducted under the coordination of the Technical Research Centre of Finland. On the other hand, the consortium is currently progressing on the establishment of the national networks, which are going to support EU-PORTRAItS actions providing a bottom-up approach and thus a closer vision of the industry's reality for the project development.

Finally, following proposals from the Klaipeda Shipping Research Centre of Lithuania, the Italian Consortium for Training on Intermodal Logistics and CERTH/HIT, EU-PORTRAItS will consider the involvement of other countries, increasing synergies and builing a wider geographic coverage.

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