Greece & Germany National Workshops


In Greece, bilateral meetings with stakeholders’ group representatives were held during November 2015. More specifically, meetings took place at the Piraeus Port Authority SA, Thessaloniki Port Authority SA, Ministry of Merchant Marine, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, the National Organisation for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance, the Association of Greek Ports (ELIME) and the Federation of Loaders and Unloaders of Greece (OFE).

In Greece there are three different structures of port workers. The first has to do with the ports of Piraeus and Thessaloniki in which the port workers have a permanent working relation with the Port Authority, operating type port entity that in the case of Piraeus the majority of the shareholding capital has been transferred to Cosco Group (Cosco Pacific), while in the case of Thessaloniki a similar tender is in progress. Port workers fall in two categories, i.e. equipment drivers, yard planners, warehouse personnel etc. are permanent employees of the Port Authority, while dockworkers are a special case of port employees with different status in Piraeus and Thessaloniki, respectively. Certain job profiles apply for equipment drivers/operators, foremen, and tallymen.

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Spain & Italy National Workshops


The national workshop in Spain was held at Fundación Universidad-Empresa ADEIT Building in Valencia, from 6 to 8 October 2015.

It was attended by 12 stakeholder representatives, from Stevedoring Companies Association of the Port of Barcelona (AEEPB) on behalf of National Association of Stevedoring and Shipping Companies (ANESCO), Training responsible from the SAGEPs of the ports of Algeciras, Barcelona, Bilbao and Valencia, and from the Unions.

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Finland & Lithuania National Workshops


The National Workshop in Finland was held in Haiko Manor Hotel (Porvoo) on 23-24 September 2015.

It was attended by 9 stakeholder representatives, from the Finnish Port Operators Association, Educational institutes, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, and Trade Unions.

The workshop was successful and generated fruitful discussions among different stakeholders related to port workers training and education. Group work enabled to prioritize the themes that are relevant for Finland regarding the trends in the port sector and health and safety issues.

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Human plays a role

‘Technological advances in port and terminal operations (e.g. automation, ICT)’ is one of the answers to the question of “What impact will future developments in the port sector have on the port worker?”

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EU-PORTRAItS moves forward with the celebration of 7 national workshops on portworkers' training, challenges & needs

During the second semester of the year (September - November 2015) seven national workshops with social partners took place. The analysis of the training profiles at national level, in terms of training practices and future training needs, were presented and discussed among the key national stakeholders.

The general aim of the workshops was to create a forum for discussion with national stakeholders and the exchange of information and ideas.

The Workshops were planned as a 1 to 3-day events. They were all conducted and coordinated by the two EU-PORTRAItS experts, Mr. Marios Meletiou and Mr. Sotirios Theofanis, together with the local EU-PORTRAItS Partners and the Coordinating Partner, CERTH-HIT.

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The social partners present a proposal to the ministry of public works concerning the development of a new stevedoring model


Preliminary agreement on the new Spanish stevedoring model

The main stevedoring unions in Spain and the National Association of Stevedoring Companies (ANESCO) met last week with representatives from the Ministry of Public Works in order to present the basis of a joint proposal responding to the envisaged reforms in the stevedoring industry, following the ruling of the Court of Luxembourg on the Spanish stevedoring regime last December.

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